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Learn how to set a cardsharing server up, cccam server, newcamd server easily

What is cardsharing ? how does it work?

Control word sharing which also means card sharing is a process that helps a lot of receivers and customers of digital television to make use of an undertaken contribution network of digital television in exchange of a single subscription card . The DVB standard of security is in use to protect and to take care of the limited use of smart card technology. The entitlement control message is always deciphered using the smart card that helps to detect incompetent or jumbled material by using the control word. When the card sharing process comes to an end a bypassing is of the security features of the card is done and then software is used to stop it. This card sharing process actually helps in dividing the deciphered control word within the whole network.


Things needed for card sharing:

In order to follow the card sharing process successfully it is imperative to have a quality receiver that can run the cccam server with full functionality. Along with this, you will also need a broadband and a satellite. Cccam server is needed to speak to the server that will control the whole process. Without this server it is not possible for a user to watch programs without any kind of interruption. You will also need Newcamd server along with the cccam server. Every time when your television receives a signal it needs to be decrypted and here steps in the idea of using cccam. This server ensures the fact that a user can receive a signal without any encryption. This server actually works as the unlocking key and can decrypt a signal in just milliseconds. However, in that case your server service must be strong enough because if it is not up to the mark you will experience either freezes or pixilation. Both of the issues create visual problem when a program is telecast. Other important fact regarding cccam and Newcamd server is that one must use them correctly. Prior using the server it is important test it on a receiver. The test will help you to be confirming that you have an active and functioning connection over internet for card sharing.


Process of card sharing:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

It is quite easy to deliver card sharing among plenty of customers because the measure of card sharing is often too small and most of the time it is not more than 64 bits. This small size of card sharing helps it to get delivered to the PCs of different clients via their Ethernet connection. This helps multiple users to share their control word among their preferable group and in exchange they can receive other different satellites television using the control words of that group. There are a few satellite servers as well that have been designed in a manner that one of the satellites can access numerous other cards and put card sharing in effect. Card sharing though useful, yet is a very complicated and massive process through which an individual owner of control words hold control over the process of sharing words within his or her network niche that can either be local or can be national as well. These individuals however have the authority of deciphering their card sharing servers using the control words and also have the authority of using purchased network. There are a few content oriented providers who have the tendency of stopping receiver from using the subscribed network if they don’t opt for another smart card and if they don’t provide an additional amount.


Cardsharing for smart phones:

Card sharing services is no more limited within the world of television only as a lot of people are dreaming of availing card sharing services on smart phones. Smart phones often contain contacts of both personal and business related people and users of smart phones are in need of an easy service that will help them to share exact contact information within different people he or she connects with. Here steps in the idea of card sharing on smart phones. With the help of card sharing services you can share exact contact with the proper person or a group by mailing or be directly using the QR code scan of the card sharing servers, is it cccam server or Newcamd card sharing server. As you share programs over PCs with the help of card sharing services, likewise you can share lealest updates on your smart phones via card sharing services.


How to card share on your own:

Card sharing is the simple way to see encrypted or unencrypted TV telecast with the help of satellite receiver (Linux Based). Generally, Dreambox is being used widely for card sharing that enables a user to watch television programs via internet connection. If you want to accomplish the whole process on your own, you should know the process of setting Dreambox for card sharing in a simple way. Card sharing via Dreambox helps a user to avail more than 5000 channels that runs in different countries around the world. Here are the simple processes that you may follow while card sharing on your own.


  • First and foremost you have to download the cccam software from the update feature section of the receiver you are using.
  • When the receiver ends with downloading the cccam software it is then important to install it and run it ones before you start using it rapidly for card sharing.
  • You will be provided with a SatCard along with the receiver. Soon after this process you have to insert that card to decrypt those channels that your satellite can’t encrypt.
  • At last you have to set the cccam as your patented cam to reach the top section of your personal menu with the help of the remote. You have to operate the right and left button to locate the cccam. Pressing the green button you have to start your default cam that is cccam. Then you have to click on the exit button. After that, go to the menu button and click on the shutdown option. Wait for a while and finally click on the restart option. Now you are ready with your Dreambox software setting and now you can easily opt for card sharing.


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