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How to install Cccam Server on Ubuntu (Linux)

Install CCcam server on UBuntu (Tutorial 1/2)



Step 1) Open your favorite browser and type in the address bar. You will redirected to


Step 3) Now type this link in your address bar and press enter.

Step 4) Now scroll down in that page and see the DOWNLOAD link. Please click on the file to download it on your computer.

Step 5) The folder downloaded will be zip format. You need to extract the files from it. You will find a folder named as “cccam_install_package” and a file named as “”.

Step 6) Right click on file named as “” and click “open with text editor”.

Step 7) In the file you need to search for “OWNER=” tag. It should be have value assigned as follows – OWNER=geocccam

Step 8) Repeat same steps in files named as “” and “” in folder named as “cccam_install_package” and verify that the OWNER=geocccam.

Step 9) Now copy both folder cccam_install_package” and a file named as “” which we downloaded from

Step 10) Go to File System and open folder named as tmp. Paste the folder and file we copied in previous step in this tmp folder.

Step 11) Now open geocccam@ubuntu window and type as follows -$ sudo –i and press enter. Now you will need to enter your password and then you can click enter.

Step 12) Here you need to copy the stuff from your code file and paste it here. After doing so, please press ENTER. It will start installing the script for you. This process will take some time. You will be asked 5 to 6 times the same question “Do you wish to continue(y/n)”. Please type y and press enter everytime.

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